Our Food

Fresh produce, smashed patties (ground in-house), 100% grass-fed beef, organic eggs, house-made sauces.. gosh, we will be milking the cow ourselves before you know it*

We go the extra mile to source and buy better ingredients. This makes for better quality, tastier and healthier food for you! We care! So should you!

Our eggs

Farm Fresh, Free Range, Organic Single Farm Eggs 1500 Hens per Hectar — HAPPY CHOOKS MAKE
HAPPY and Delicious EGGS.

OUR beef

WE GRIND YOUR MEAT! Using ONLY Premium cuts of Beef, 100% Grass Fed from start to finish, none of that Grain Fed and Grass Finished S**T.

Hormone Free CAPE GRIM Beef from Tasmania Super Happy
Cows! Lots of room to Graze. GUILT FREE BEEF.

Our bacon

Bangalow Sweet Pork, Natural, Free Range Pork.

Smoked to Perfection. Taste so much better than the other stuff you buy, and better for you!

OUR sausage

House Made Patties Using Bangalow Sweet Pork, Natural
and Free Range, Taste Soooo Good!

Sustainability at heart.

Moving towards zero waste, we take conscious action to eliminate unnecessary byproducts, ensuring that we are serving the best options for our planet.

House made products such as Mushroom Chili and and our Spicy Vegan Sloppy Joe are made from byproducts of other menu items, providing the most flavourful and fresh option to our customers whilst eliminating packaging and transportation emissions.

We also bring the absolute BEST Potato Buns in the world. Big claim, we know.. but IYKYK.

Looking for a long term relationship?

We have franchising opportunities for Ms. Right (or Mr.) Don't snooze on it, hit the button below and let's chat.

Get on it

What are you waiting for? Us to tell you that we are burgers are the best on the Gold Coast (again)?!?

Don't be shy, come in – we won't disappoint you like your last Tinder date! **Pinky promise**
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